Monitoring & evaluating GEPs

Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of a gender equality plan is not only key to measure success. It is also a tool to support and learn from the process. The monitoring and evaluation is tailored to the needs and features of each GEP to assess the relevance, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the actions within it. 

The MINDtheGEPs monitoring and evaluation team will support the construction of data collection schemes to ensure they fit the needs of partner organisations, provide support in the process of collecting data and help the partners implementing gender equality plans define appropriate indicators and targets to measure success. The monitoring and evaluation team will develop an evaluation plan that will be agreed upon with partners and the technical tools to go with it as well as issue guidelines about what criteria to measure against.

Through frequent contacts in the implementation phase, the monitoring and evaluation team will support partners and provide feedback on their performance. And coach them through their own self-evaluation processes.

Contact person

Giovanna Declich

Giovanna Declich

Giovanna Declich, sociologist and gender expert, works in projects on gender in science (since PRAGES, 2009-10 up to CASPER, 2020-22). Besides project design, monitoring & evaluation and training, she carries out research, mainly on gender and responsible research and innovation (RRI), in Europe and worldwide. She coordinates the MINDtheGEPs K&I team, who are in charge of monitoring & evaluation, offering crosscutting support to partners in the project. 


Last modified: 2022-07-12