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Training initiatives are key to ensure organisations are mature and knowledgeable enough to succeed in implementing the measures outlined in Gender Equality Plans. This holds true also for MINDtheGEPs partners implementing Gender Equality Plans. Our training activities, designed to engage the entire organisation, are evidence-based, continuous and long-term initiatives. And they address unconscious gender biases throughout organisations. From junior to senior staff, administrators to decision-makers. 

Training is vital for promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) outlines three key principles for effective training on these sensitive topics: engaging the entire organisation, basing training on evidence-based needs, and ensuring a long-term process.

A Gender Equality Plan should be an official, publicly accessible document that has been endorsed by the highest authority of the organisation to which it belongs, it should have dedicated human and financial resources and establish a structured and ongoing system for data collection. But also, monitoring, and incorporating initiatives for raising awareness, providing training on gender equality and addressing unconscious gender biases. 

MINDtheGEPs partners are developing training to combat these biases and raise awareness of the cultural and structural factors that uphold gender imbalances. To make sure the training initiatives are fit-for-purpose, partners are identifying training needs through annual surveys on gender equality concepts, stereotypes, gender plan implementation, and the gender dimension in STEM and SSH disciplines. And selecting trainers from a pool of interested colleagues who are rewarded accordingly and creating an annual course schedule. 

By taking a train-the-trainers approach, MINDtheGEPs partners develop gender equality training competencies in a sustainable way: slowly building a pool of competent trainers within their respective organisations that are able to provide training through face-to-face sessions, online modules, guidance materials, and access to expert networks. These trainers then conduct the MINDtheGEPs-specific training modules Empow_Lab, which provides training for junior researchers (particularly women) to enhance their research skills and career progression, and Breaktop_Lab, which focuses on raising gender awareness and challenging stereotypes at all levels of academia and non-academic research performing organisations targeting in particolare senior researchers and key-actors. 

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Angela Balzano

Angela Balzano

Angela Balzano is a researcher at the Department of Culture Politics and Society at the University of Turin and coordinator and Professor at the science module of the Master in Gender Studies and Policies at Roma Tre University. She has been Adjunct Professor of the course in Diversity Management and tutor in Women and Law for the GEMMA Master in Gender Studies at University of Bologna, where she was also involved in the H2020 project Plotina: Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training. Angela Balzano has worked as a translator for DeriveApprodi, translating authors Rosi Braidotti (The Posthuman), Donna Haraway (The Promises of Monsters) and Cooper and Waldby (Clinical Labor). In 2021 she published her first monographic work for Meltemi, Per farla finita con la famiglia. Dall'aborto alle parentele postumane. Angela Balzano’s role in MINDtheGEPs includes assisting the Coordinator Professor Cristina Solera. She is also one of the trainers in MINDtheGEPs’ series of Train the Trainers workshops.

Contact: angela.balzano[at]

Last modified: 2024-01-15