Empowering women in decision-making

Women are underrepresented in decision-making in research. With recent reports stating the EU will reach gender equality in 60 years, there is plenty of work to do right now. We work to deconstruct the gendered bias that men make better leaders. And to introduce gender equality targets in key decision-making bodies at partner institutions.

Tackling stereotypes about leadership

Presumptions about what roles women and men should take, whether conscious or unconscious, can prevent women from obtaining senior positions. Both their trust in their own abilities as a leader and management attitudes can be difficult to overcome. We will address the widespread narrative that women have lower self-confidence, are less competitive, and are more likely to choose family responsibilities over work.

We will target these assumptions through a series of trainings for junior researchers, countering the notion that men are more suited for leadership positions. We will use the findings from our assessment of gender imbalances to develop guidelines for how to train senior researchers to look beyond gender to identify good leaders.

Breaking down structural barriers

Raising awareness of this gender gap and setting up new rules can help equal the score. We will encourage the introduction of equality targets in key decision-making bodies. Making sure gender data is available, showing where the gaps are, and developing strategies to close them is an important part of the MINDtheGEPs project. 

Contact person

Gema Antequera

Gema Antequera

Gema Antequera is a Project Manager at CTAG in Spain. She received her PhD in Science form the Université catholique de Louvaine (Belguim). She has also been working in the UK and Australia. She has been coordinating and contributing to more than 20 EU projects in the fields of Nanotechnology, Mobility and Robotics, promoting a gender equality perspective. Gema Antequera is leading the work to empower women in decision-making, and contributing to MINDtheGEPs as a whole. 

Contact: gema.antequera[at]ctag.com

Last modified: 2022-02-08