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MINDtheGEPs hosts a series of Open Forum discussions on gender equality in the academic and research & innovation sector. The aim of the forum is to facilitate knowledge exchange and mutual learning among scholars, practitioners and professionals supporting gender equality polices and measures. The first in the series is focused on equality, diversity and inclusion in quantum technologies, with a keynote presentation by Oxana Mishina, theoretical physicist from the National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Optics (CNR-INO). Remember to mark your calendars for an opportunity to listen, learn and discuss on 20 October between 12-13:30!

In 2018 a ten-year initiative called Quantum Flagship was lunched by the European Commission. It brings together a diverse community of members from academia, industry and policy making; with the scope of bringing new Quantum Technologies (QT) from the research labs to the use of society. From the start, a voluntary Gender Balance in QT - Working group was formed within the community aiming to raise awareness and develop a coherent and efficient strategy for the realisation of gender equality in Quantum Technologies. Two years after, a new sub community focused on education and outreach emerged, with its own voluntary working group on Equity and Inclusion. This year the Gender Ballance in QT Working Group has transformed into an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, expanding the diversity dimension, with a dedicated budget from the Quantum Flagship. In the Open Forum, Oxana Mishina will present the activities and experience of this two working groups among which there are community survey, unconscious bias trainings, and policy advice.

Oxana Mishina is a theoretical physicist from the National Institute of Optics (CNR-INO), part of the National Research Council of Italy, CNR. She has worked as a researcher in theoretical physics and in physics education in several European countries before joining the National Institute of Optics - CNR as a team member of a European Quantum Flagship coordination and support action project.

Oxana Mishina is managing the Quantum Flagship’s community of about 400 members who are creating education and outreach content and activities for Quantum Technologies. She also chairs a Working Group on Equity and Inclusion of the Quantum Technology Education Community (QTEdu) and is a member of the working group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Quantum Technologies. She is also passionate about science communication and organized outreach events as for example Italian Quantum Week 2022.

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By Marika Ljungberg

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Last modified: 2023-08-25