Mentoring programme to support work-life balance at the University of Gdańsk


As a part of their MINDtheGEPs effort, the University of Gdańsk will offer individual mentoring for academics at different stages in their career. The mentoring programme, developed by the Centre for Teaching Excellence and Tutoring, will support planning of publications, grants, teaching and other career decisions in ways that take gender equality into account.

Results from the qualitative research conducted in the first phase of the MINDtheGEPs project show that staff at the University of Gdańsk lack support for reconciling conflicts between work and private life. By encouraging mentors and mentees to discuss the expectations surrounding gender, age, family situation and career stage, the mentoring programme will be able to address this.

During November, a call for applicants was sent, resulting in inviting a total of twelve PhD students, postdocs and prospective professors to take part in the mentoring programme. With the help of their mentors, the participants will develop personalised solutions that support professional advancement as well as their overall satisfaction at work and in their personal lives. The mentoring sessions began in December.

This text builds on a press release published by the University of Gdańsk.

By Marika Ljungberg

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Last modified: 2023-08-25