Policy brief on evidence-based gender equality plans now available in Serbian


The University of Belgrade’s school of Electrical Engineering, ETF, is one of the leading higher educational and research institutions in the field of electrical engineering and computer science in South Europe. They are co-leading MINDtheGEPs efforts to include the gender perspective in research and teaching. In preparation for our upcoming Train the Trainers workshop in Belgrade, the team has translated our recent policy brief to Serbian, offering recommendations for how to build an evidence-based foundation for gender equality plans.

The MINDtheGEPs policy brief is focused on how facts and figures can help us take cultural and structural actions towards achieving gender equality. The translation to Serbian was provide by Aleksandra Drecun, special advisor for Responsible Research and innovation to the Dean, and Branko Lukić, science associate and the Serbian brief is titled Нема података: Нема политика! The policy briefs build on data from 7 research organisations providing evidence-based recommendations for how to build an evidence-based foundation for gender equality plans (GEPs) in research performing organizations. Based on the assumption that without data there will be no policy.

Since its inception 1948, ETF has been dedicated to upholding the utmost standard in teaching, research and practical science. With a workforce of 300 personnel the organisation generated approximately 8.5 million euros in revenue in 2018. ETF delivers exceptional engineers who add value to productivity, innovation and competitiveness not only in Serbia but also globally. The organisation participates in multiple global initiatives and collaborates on research efforts backed by European commission.

The Serbian version of the brief is published on the Zenodo platform:

Solera C, Balzano A, Turco F, Pisacane L, Fernow J, Drecun A & Lukić B, Нема података: Нема политика! Приступ MINDtheGEPs пројекта политикама за планове родне равноправности засноване на доказима. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7924834

The policy brief is also available in English:

Solera, Cristina, Balzano, Angela, Tuco, Federica, Pisacane, Lucio, & Fernow, Josepine. (2023). No data: No policies! The MINDtheGEPs approach to evidence-based policies for Gender Equality Plans. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7785413

And Spanish:

Solera, Cristina, Balzano, Angela, Turco, Federica, Pisacane, Lucio, Fernow, Josepine, Lomba Perez, Adrian, & Antequera Garcia, Gema. (2023). Sin datos: ¡No hay políticas! El enfoque de MINDtheGEPs de políticas basadas en evidencias para Planes de Igualdad de Género. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7862259

By Märta Karlén

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Last modified: 2023-08-25