CNR appoints gender equality officer


The Italian National Research Council (CNR) has taken a significant step towards promoting gender equality by appointing their first Gender Equality Officer, Ilaria Di Tullio. The position is new, and was created as a result of the CNR Gender Plan: a policy document aimed at promoting gender equality within the Council and its institutes.

The Gender Plan outlines specific actions that will be taken to achieve equality, including increasing gender diversity in top positions and decision-making bodies ensuring equal opportunities for recruitment and career advancement. It also describes efforts to promote work-life balance, incorporating gender considerations into research and preventing and addressing discrimination, harassment and bullying.

With her extensive experience in gender issues and participation in the Gender and Talent (GETA) observatory and in the MINDtheGEPs project, Ilaria Di Tullio is well equipped to drive positive change within the organisation.She has been actively involved in these efforts for several years and has contributed to the CNR Gender Balance Report. The combination of this role, and GETA’s primary objective to establish synergies within the agency, all the elements of success are in place. “I look forward to ensuring that we achieve the goals defined in the first CNR Gender Equality Plan working together and in collaboration with the CNR presidency, General Director, central Directorates, CUG and labour unions. My vision is to spread the seeds on gender awareness promoting concrete actions that support structural organisational change”, says Ilaria Di Tullio.

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Last modified: 2023-08-25