Lucio Pisacane part of EC initiative pandemic-proofing European research


It became evident early on that the Covid-19 pandemic did not affect all researchers equally. As a response, the European Commission (EC) initiated the ERAvsCORONA Action Plan to effectively synchronize efforts within the European Union and assist the scientific community in trying times. Lucio Pisacane, part of the MINDtheGEPs consortium, was one of the Commission’s panel of experts on the topic. The outcomes of their investigations are now outlined in a report and a factsheet.

The expert group investigated the pandemic influence on productivity, career advancement, working conditions, work-life balance and caregiving responsibilities. But also, how the pandemic affected research networks, collaborations, mobility grant management, evolution, and whether gender dimensions were adequately integrated into Covid-19 research conducted in Europe. 

“What we have learned is that the pandemic did, and future pandemics are likely to, affect the caregiving members of families negatively in terms of productivity at work. Decreased productivity among scientists in times of crisis has a negative impact for society as a whole, which is why we need these mitigation tactics to also especially focus on measures promoting gender equality,” says Lucio Pisacane, who is leading the MINDtheGEPs at the National Research Council of Italy and was part of the expert panel.

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By Märta Karlén

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Last modified: 2023-08-25