Data for gender equality in European research organizations


Inequality is not just a bad feeling that some may have, but a bad reality that we share.  Uppsala University's Ethics Blog writes about how the approach in MINDtheGEPs can inspire other organisations. Because without data, we risk viewing inequality as a feeling rather than the fact it is.

Pär Segerdahl, Uppsala University
Pär Segerdahl, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Pär Segerdahl, editor of the Ethics Blog and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) reflects on the policy brief published by MINDtheGEPs on data as the basis for policy. Pointing to who has the power over the criteria for what a successful researcher is and who has a better chance of succeeding. Which structures undermine or support gender equality. Where women end up in the author order in scientific publications and the competition for research funding. And what childcare looks like.

Read this text on the Ethics Blog: Data for gender equality in European research organizations

And take a look at our recommendations: No data: No policies! The MINDtheGEPs approach to evidence-based policies for Gender Equality Plans 

By Josepine Fernow

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Last modified: 2023-08-25