Economist Claudia Goldin wins Nobel Prize for gender wage gap research


Claudia Goldin, an economist at Harvard University, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for her pioneering work on American women's labor participation and the gender wage gap. She is the third woman and the first to win independently. And this particular win underlines the importance of work in MINDtheGEPs: taking a context-sensitive approach to gender equality. 

Claudia Goldin's research highlights that gender wage gap disparities result from caregiving responsibilities, not biological differences, and her work underscores the importance of addressing workplace and household inequalities to be able to move towards true equality. 

MINDtheGEPs is reducing gender imbalances in European research institutions and generating data to support the development of national and European policy for gender equality in research performing organisations. Learn how we are planning for gender equality, and what key areas we are targeting. Or follow the link below to explore our results so far. 

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Last modified: 2023-08-25