Fahrenheit Universities Women's Club: Empowering Female Researchers


The Fahrenheit Universities (FarU) Women's Club's second Board of Directors meeting took place on 25 September 2023. During this meeting, club members discussed the program of forthcoming activities and the club's working methods. Founded in June 2023, the club champions gender equality among female researchers and employees from three Gdańsk universities: Medical University of Gdańsk, Technical University of Gdańsk, and University of Gdańsk. Their mission involves promoting gender equality, recognizing women's contributions, and fostering an inclusive academic environment. 

Photo by GREGMAR

Notable initiatives include a dedicated website showcasing female scientists' accomplishments and adding their biographies to Gedanopaedia. The club also established awards and family rooms at participating universities. Professor Ewa Łojkowska leads the club as president, and an elected leadership team ensures transparent and accountable operations. They plan an open event on November 20, 2023, inviting those interested in supporting gender equality in academia. The FarU Women's Club represents a dynamic force for gender equality in Gdańsk's academic landscape and beyond.

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Last modified: 2023-08-25