MINDtheGEPs adds value to the National Research Council of Italy’s Gender Balance report


MINDtheGEPs partners, the National Research Council of Italy’s (CNR) published their annual Gender Balance report. The report enables a comprehensive analysis of gender dynamics, and examine deep into the complex interplay of factors shaping gender dynamics within the organisational context. The book also features a foreword by Ilaria di Tullio, gender equality officer at CNR and MINGtheGEPs member and contributions by our Nicolò Marchesini and other researchers in their team.

The Gender Balance report, now in its second edition, serves as a supportive tool for advancing equality and overcoming barriers on the path toward gender parity. Encouraging examination of CNR's organisational identity their actual achievements of gender equality goals. CNR is Italy’s largest public research organisation and is distributed all over Italy. CNR has actively pursued a more inclusive and respectful organisational culture to promote gender diversity. This shift is driven by policies advocating gender equality, grounded in statistical data and qualitative assessments that highlight historical gender disparities within the organisation. To facilitate this transformation, there is a continuous monitoring of the situation, providing a framework to measure the impact of initiatives from a gender-based perspective.

CNR contributes to MINDtheGEPs by designing gender equality plans for systemic institutional change and empowering women in decision-making processes across the entire network. But they are also one of the MINDtheGEPs partners driving cultural and structural change towards gender equality in their own organisation.

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By Märta Karlén

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Last modified: 2023-08-25