GEAR toolkit: Step-by-step guide for establishing a gender equality plan


MINDtheGEPs will use the European Institute for Gender Equality's toolkit for toolkit for Gender Equality in Academia and Research, also known as GEAR. As part of our work to understand the context where gender equality plans will be implemented, our partners will compile gender data and strengthen governance structures  Want to know more about the GEAR toolkit?

Our work will include analysing and assessing the state-of-play in partner organisations by looking at national frameworks, push-and-pull factors of gender equality as well as in-depth examination of governance. Using the knowledge we have collected, we will build and implement gender equality plans that are contextually appropriate. Plans will be implemented, monitored and evaluated to ensure they can be maintained when the project ends. 

This is at the core of the GEAR step-by-step guide for establishing a gender equality plan. Want to know more about how it works? Have a look at the European Institute for Gender Equality’s' pages about gender equality in academia and research.

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Last modified: 2023-01-19