Recording available: Gender Transformations in the Academy


Connected to the MINDtheGEPs kick-off meeting on 4-5 March 2021, we organised a public seminar on gender transformation in academia. Coordinating organisation University of Turin’s Research Center for Women's and Gender Studies (CIRSDe) hosted the seminar, with invited guests Fulvio Esposito, Pauline Stoltz and Barbara J. Risman. Couldn’t be there? Don’t worry, we were recording! 

Part one of the recording starts at 04:44 minutes with MINDtheGEPs coordinator Cristina Solera launches the event by introducing University of Turin rector Stefano Geuna, who stresses the importance of closing the gender gap in academia in his opening statement.

At 10:15 minutes, MINDtheGEPs consortium members Chiara Ghislieri, president of University of Turin’s Guarantee Committee (CUG) dealing in equal opportunities, and Norma De Piccoli, president of CIRSDe, share their thoughts on how MINDtheGEPs will promote gender equality at University of Turin, the Italian context, and beyond.

At 15:10 minutes, Cristina Solera launches her presentation about the MINDtheGEPs project. Describing how we will spend the next 4 years promoting gender equality in research organisations throughout Europe. Stressing the importance of the cultural and structural contexts, at the micro, meso and macro level.

At 28:21 minutes, the keynote session begins with an introduction of keynote speaker Barbara J. Risman, University of Illinois at Chicago, and discussants Fulvio Esposito, Italian Representative in the European Research Area Committee and MINDtheGEPs Advisory Board, and Pauline Stoltz, Aalborg University and At-Gender Board Member. The keynote session continues in part two, and part three of the recording.

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