Gender audits & intersectionality: GE Academy training


GE Academy is a Horizon 2020 project developing and implementing a high-quality capacity-building programme on gender equality in research, innovation and higher education. This spring semester they are offering a series of online training opportunities for those engaged in gender equality and the development of gender equality plans. Topics include the open access Gender Equality and Monitoring (GEAM) tool for gender audits and intersectionality. 

A gender audit is a tool to analyse gender imbalances in an organisation and before designing gender equality plans and initiatives. The GEAM tool is an open-access software used to perform gender audits in an effective and standardized way without specific previous knowledge.

Curious to learn more? Join register for the GE Academy free online traning session on May 11 for an introduction to the Gender Equality and Monitoring (GEAM) Tool. Following the introduction, two hands-on sessions about how to use the GEAM tool will be held on May 14 and May 21. The sessions will allow participants to test the software and understand how it works in practice.

GE Academy is also organising two online training sessions on intersectionality. The roundtable session Intersectionality and its sister approaches will be held on May 31. The event will focus on the interaction, both on a theoretical and methodological level, between the intersectional approach and two other approaches – the Gender+ and the concept of diversity – which place gender inequality in a broader perspective. Looking beyond the gender perspective alone. Another roundtable on intersectionality takes place on June 2, this time on Intersectional practices in Academia. Dwelling on intersectional practices for institutional change in research organisations, based on hands-on experiences from different research settings. 

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Last modified: 2023-08-25