Presenting the MINDtheGEPs project!


MINDtheGEPS will reduce gender imbalances in European research institutions and generate data to support the development of national and European policy for gender equality in research performing organisations. Our project flyer & key areas infographic are now available for download! 

Our project flyer describes how we unite 10 research organisations from 7 EU countries in the quest to close the gender gap in research and innovation. Together, universities, research centres, and a scientific publisher work to ensure gender equality in academia and scientific research! Towards more open and inclusive research organisations! 

We need data to be able to develop policy to reduce the gender gap in science. We also need to pay attention to the organisational context. MINDtheGEPs will collect data on the macro, meso, and micro levels, allowing us to identify the push-and-pull factors that maintain gender imbalances, and design and monitor Gender Equality Plans in seven European research institutions that are tailored to each specific structural and cultural context

We work to improve women’s research career prospects, increase gender balance in decision-making bodies, and include gender dimensions in research content & teaching. Our focus is on fixing the system, not the women! 

We develop gender equality plans for research organisations that take both culture and structure into account. Addressing key areas and targets to achieve sustainable change. To visualise those target areas, we have developed an infograpic! 

Download project flyer

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Last modified: 2023-08-25