Second MINDtheGEPs forum complete!


On 29 September 2021, Maxime Forest joined our second MINDtheGEPs forum to talk about framing and institutionalising change and what the path towards sustainable gender equality plans might look like. Covering the pre-requisites, or drivers, and principles for effective structural change. 

Maxime Forest is senior researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po, and the principal evaluator of fellow Horizon 2020 projects SUPERA and RESET. He shared his experience from participating in several EU-funded initiatives devoted to advancing gender equality and the gender perspective in research and innovation. Highlighting the changes brought by Horizon Europe and their implications for research performing organisations in Europe. stressing the importance of framing gender equality plans within the broader agenda of the organisation to foster participation and stakeholder engagement through co-design, and supporting the institutionalisation of gender equality and other anti-discriminatory actions beyond the time frame of any gender equality plan. 

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Last modified: 2023-08-25