Deliverables & reports

The MINDtheGEPs consortium is publishing results in scientific journals, and in reports to the European Commission. All public deliverable reports are published Open Access. You can explore them in the list below, or visit the MINDtheGEPs Zenodo community.

D3.1 – Guidelines for GEPs' implementation

This deliverable provides practical guidelines for putting gender equality plans into practice in organisations implementing Gender Equality Plans, with schemes on what key areas need to be addressed, what objectives have to be reached, what indicators are required in order to set targets, and the importance of a monitoring system. Guidelines and suggestions are based on the European policy framework but also on lessons learned and experiences gained from several European projects focused on implementing GEPs across Europe.

Di Tullio, Ilaria, Pisacane, Lucio, Marchesini, Nicolò, Cellini, Marco, & Tagliacozzo, Serena. (2023). MINDtheGEPs D3.1 – Guidelines for GEPs' implementation. Zenodo.

Last modified: 2023-07-13