MINDtheGEPs: Gender equality in research

Reducing gender imbalances in European research institutions and generating data to support the development of national and European policy for gender equality in research performing organisations.

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Promoting gender equality in research

From 2021-2025, we will work to increase women's participation in research and innovation with the aim to improve women’s career prospects, to improve gender balance in decision-making bodies in research organisations, and to include gender dimensions in relevant research content. Increasing the quality and societal relevance of knowledge, technologies, and innovations produced.

About MINDtheGEPs

Targeting key areas

We work to increase women's participation in research and innovation by improving their career prospects, increasing gender balance in decision-making bodies at research organisations, and including gender dimensions in research content & teaching. Our Gender Equality Plans also include actions to improve work-life balance and prevent gender-based violence.

Key areas

The MINDtheGEPs approach

We are promoting gender equality at both the structural and cultural level of organisations working in research and innovation. With a focus on fixing the system, not the women, we will assess gender imbalances, design gender equality plans for sustainable change, and monitor and evaluate the progress we make. Towards gender equality in research!

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MINDtheGEPs unites 10 European research organisations from 7 EU countries in to close the gender gap in research and innovation. Together, universities, research centres & a scientific publisher work to ensure work-life balance for all and increase women's participation in research.

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