Pioneering gender equality in the Spanish automotive industry

Back in 2013, Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia, also known as CTAG, was one of the first Spanish organisations to establish a gender equality plan. CTAG is now looking to update the plan, adding insights and actions from the MINDtheGEPs project.

During the initial phase of MINDtheGEPs, CTAG carried out a gender analysis of the organisation. With the aim to identify the measures that would be the most effective, CTAG conducted both quantitative and qualitative surveys of employment processes, staff training, salaries, communication and advertising, and work-life balance. This data is at the core of the next version of the plan, which will be launched and implemented over the course of the project.

In 2019, CTAG evaluated actions and indicators established in 2013. They could see that after the implementation of their GEP, practically all action proposals have been followed through and the gender equality indicators improved considerably. Now, CTAG wants to take this progress further with an updated gender equality plan. Going forward, they will design actions based on lessons learned from their nine-year work for gender equality.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting difficulties in negotiating agreements have caused a considerable delay in the approval of the new plan. However, CTAG continues to make efforts to finalise and implement a new gender equality plan.

In addition to this work, CTAG has also worked to prevent sexual harassment, harassment based on sex and gender equality-related occupational risks. In particular, CTAG have decided to focus on measures against sexist language, raising awareness on equality among the entire workforce, and creating a guide for action in the event of sexual or gender-based harassment.

By Marika Ljungberg & Josepine Fernow


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