Women in Tech Summit 2023: University of Gdańsk reports!

The Perspektywy Women in Tech summit 2023 is the biggest conferences and career fairs for women in tech in Europe and Asia. This year’s event attracted 11 000 participants and 500 speakers in a unique meeting of women from science, business and technology in Europe. MINDtheGEPs partner University of Gdańsk participated with the presentation “How to build a gender balanced ecosystem with the support of European projects?”.

The Perspektywy Women in Tech summit event provide a platform for leaders, professionals and enthusiast to celebrate achievements, share expertise and explore innovative solutions. It’s a two day event where participants emerge themselves in a knowledge-expanding experience featuring inspirational lectures, workshops and mentoring sessions.

One topic discussed at a satellite event was gender equality plans in action - Diversity and Inclusion in Research and Higher Education. This event covered University of Gdańsk’s achievements in implementing gender equality policy in the organisation and other valuable insights on the impact of gender equality plans in research and higher education, with a particular focus on ongoing Horizon 2020 projects. Participants had the opportunity to share strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion within these projects.

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By Märta Karlén


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