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Knowledge & Innovation (K&I) is a social research organisation based in Rome. They carry out activities in Italy, Europe and worldwide, using an interdisciplinary approach.

Its members are social scientists who have been participating in many research projects in the framework of the research programmes of European Union on issues such as the socialisation of scientific research; gender and science; public engagement and responsible research and innovation (RRI); environmental sustainability and energy transition; privacy and security.

These activities include research, evaluation and technical assistance, monitoring, consultancy, training and capacity building, networking and science communication, public engagement, as well as the production of guidelines, online resources and other tools that can help setting new policies or effectively implementing existing ones.

K&I's role in MINDtheGEPs

In MINDtheGEPs, K&I will lead the work to monitor and evaluate the success of the gender equality plans developed within the project framework.

People at K&I

Claudia Colonnello

Claudia Colonnello, social researcher and gender expert, has participated in several FP7 and H2020 projects focused on gender in research and responsible research and innovation at institutional and policy level. She has been carrying out research, training and technical assistance as well as design, monitoring & evaluation of projects in Europe and worldwide. She is part of the K&I MINDtheGEPs evaluation team.

Contact: colonnello[at]

Federico Luigi Marta

Federico Luigi Marta is a social researcher, responsible for the monitoring and supervision of all K&I projects. He carried out research activities (in Europe and Africa) in areas such as migration, civil society, poverty and social exclusion, gender equality, energy transition and science-society relationships. He is currently involved in the MINDtheGEPs for monitoring and evaluation.

Contact: marta[at]

Daniele Mezzana

Daniele Mezzana, social researcher, carried out research activities in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central and South America in areas such as science-society relationship, migration, surveillance and privacy, environmental risks, civil society, poverty and social exclusion, gender equality, communication, and evaluation of development projects. He is currently involved in the K&I MINDtheGEPs team for monitoring and evaluation.


Maria Teresa Berliri

Maria Teresa (Maresa) Berliri, sociologist, has carried out research, knowledge management, capacity and institutional building activities in the following areas: innovation and relations between science and society; social subjectivity on the Internet and privacy protection; Internet governance and digital transition; active citizenship and relations between states and citizens; women in decision-making in political, scientific and entrepreneurial organisations. For over 20 years, she has worked in scientific communication, including the technical and operational organisation of several scientific and cultural events.



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